Why CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Emissions Are Not Good?

Before we discuss the emissions of Carbon Dioxide (CO2), let us discuss what exactly is CO2? Well, to put simply, it is the reason we exist this earth. Some of you might not agree with our of CO2, but it’s not far from the truth too!

Carbon Emission Bad Effect

Scientifically, CO2 is a gas that occurs naturally in our atmosphere. Normally, the environment itself balances out the CO2 emissions over longer periods of time. The main issue is that we humans are adding much more CO2 in our environment faster than what the Earth is used to normally (think geologic scale). When CO2 placed into the atmosphere is more than that can be “cleaned up,” naturally in our atmosphere the CO2 starts to build, thus trapping even more heat in our atmosphere, which is why we call it “global warming”.

Carbon Emission Source

Want to know what is the biggest source of CO2 emissions? Well, you will be surprised or perhaps not, to know that the electricity and transportation you use every day amounts to 68% of all CO2 emissions in the USA! 68% for just two industries sounds like a lot. This signals that the two industries might not be using the latest technological advancements or most efficient means of generation. The age old coal-fired power plants, or for that matter even the oil-fired power plants, generate most of the CO2 emissions around. But wait! How about solar power? Zero CO2 emissions! Contact Mimeos to install clean, reliable, 100% renewable solar power into your home.

CO2 keeps the earth hot by not letting the heat escape out of the atmosphere during a normal day. This is what is known as global warming. Since the industrial revolution in 1840, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is increasing at a rapid rate never seen before in Earth’s lifetime, and is not slowing down.

Cutting down forests and clearing land for commercial use add to it. We don’t advocate that as a nation we should be deprived of roads, facilities, etc. but can’t this be done by being more organized, using more sustainable ways? How about using more energy efficient methods than coal/oil-fired power? How about using eco-friendly systems that don’t disturb the environmental balance? If states required LEED certification minimums for new construction, this might be a major step to quickly curb this problem.

Danger of Carbon Dioxide Emission

But some of you might think that who cares if CO2 emissions are making Earth hotter, how would it affect me? Well, it’s a fact that the way CO2 is increasing, the Earth will not be able to sustain its current atmospheric conditions as we’ve known it for much of our existence. It might not seem to be directly affecting you, but already we’re witnesses some of the most powerful hurricanes to hit the East Coast. 

Historic droughts in California and the Middle East, rampant flooding in India, typhoons in the Philippines, disappearing islands due to sea level rise, all point to exacerbated environmental extremes from increased CO2 in our atmosphere. The generation before yours has already ignored the repercussions of this fact and if you do as well, what will you leave for the next generation?

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