Solar Power – Important Terms To Remember

Ever felt uncomfortable to explore new avenues? Well, the chances are you are afraid of the unknown. It’s natural for humans to fear or doubt what they don’t understand.. At times, ignorance results from frustration – especially when there is so much to learn! One classic example is solar power technology. Thanks to the technological advancements, there is so much to take advantage of. However, it’s common for most Americans to lack  the basic knowledge of solar terms and jargon.

 If you are in Southern Florida, Mimeos Energy, a sustainability and solar power company, is here to provide you with an exceptional solar experience which is not only informative and empowering, but also affordable. Let us discuss about the most common terms concerning solar power and get a better industry understanding:

Solar Terms Guide

Solar Panels in Florida

1. PV - (PhotoVoltaic Cell or Array)

The term ‘PV’ can be used to define a single cell, an array of cells, a panel or an entire system. The term is mainly used for defining the process to convert radiation from the Sun into energy in the form of electricity.

2. Cost Analysis

The cost analysis basically refers to closely examining the resources, time, labor and money required to commission a solar power project.

3. Solar Insolation

It denotes the amount of solar energy exposed to the Earth at any given time.

4. Solar Nuclear Fusion

The process through which the Sun releases energy to be used by the solar panels for energy generation is called solar nuclear fusion. In the Sun, Hydrogen atoms are fused to create Helium. This reaction is responsible for the huge amount of energy emitted by the Sun. How cool is that?

Solar Inverter in Florida

5. Power Inverter

Power inverter is an industrial-grade transformer that is used to convert electricity into AC (alternating current) or DC (direct current), as per the source and output. It can vary in size from as small as a cassette tape to as large as a pickup truck!

6. Photon

The basic unit of light that the Sun emits and which eventually reaches the Earth.

7. Series / Parallel Wiring

A method to consolidate the solar panel strings that differs as per the system and power requirements.

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