Residential Solar and Energy Battery Storage

For Southern Florida

Peace of mind is reliable power when you need it.

By adding energy battery storage to your solar installation, you can assure that  your home is running around the clock with clean, renewable electricity

Store the Sun

Harness the powerful energy of solar on the market
any time—day or night.

Take Control of Your Monthly Bill

Use solar energy generated during the day to
offset evening usage.

Never Feel Powerless

Don’t let blackouts or unexpected (or expected from hurricanes) outages put your life on hold . Mimeos Energy solar battery storage solutions make energy independence a reality. By adding battery storage to your solar system, you control how much energy is saved and when it’s used—so your lights stay on, your phones can charge and your refrigerator stays cold.

Learn how you can save more with

Battery Storage

Mimeos owner Matt Moses walks us through why adding batteries to your solar energy system takes your solar savings to a whole new level.


Solar Storage Battery in Florida

Save More Solar Power

Mimeos Energy battery storage system generates up to 60% more energy in the same space over 20 years and stores in the battery for later use.

Solar Battery Storage Technology Florida

Intelligent Power Management

Our intelligent solar battery software automatically manages which power source is used (grid or battery) in order to maximize the use of solar energy.

Energy independence with solar and battery storage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A battery storage system for a residential home typically looks like a small fridge or hot water system. The battery system is installed in your garage or outside of your home in a covered secure area.

Similar to mobile phones with lithium ion batteries, battery storage collects electrical energy, which can then be used at a later time. One of the common uses for battery storage in a home is to charge the battery from your solar roof system. That solar energy is then stored in your battery. The energy stored in that battery can be designated to power the most important or essential devices* in your home if power from the grid goes out. Read more about how battery storage works.

For Florida homeowners, the main benefits of battery storage are:

Storing solar energy during the day and consuming that energy later in the evening, after the sun sets.

Providing backup power to essential devices* if the power or grid goes out such as a hurricane outage which are becoming more common.

No. This solar battery storage solution is designed to store energy which can provide electricity during the nighttime hours and backup power for essential devices during outages. Your home will still be connected to the grid.

Every household is different depending on their energy usage. In the same way that you match the number of solar panels to match your household’s energy requirements, your battery storage capacity should reflect energy usage.

The size of your storage system is determined by:

  • Your location, specifically house orientation relative to the sun and type of house and roof angle.
  • Your current household energy consumption
  • Time of day when your household energy consumption occurs
  • Your solar system size and production
  • How you intend to use your battery
  • Use our calculator to help you decide how many batteries are appropriate for your needs.

The battery storage system needs an Internet connection to ensure you can monitor the usage on your mobile app and to update battery software. With a temporary loss of communication, the battery will continue to operate. We recommend your battery storage system should not be installed in location without Internet or cellular service.

No. Your installer will establish the appropriate baseline settings. The battery storage software will operate the system automatically based on your settings. You can use the mobile app to update the settings, if you change your mind.