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Let us help you evaluate if solar is right for your Florida home.

Call and get a free estimate over the phone in minutes. Factors like your average electricity bill, your future usage goals, and your home’s location help us craft a detailed estimate and savings forecast for you to review. 

We will measure your roof and find the best placement for your solar panels.We look at your roof, it’s orientation toward the sun, and other factors like tree shading to determine your home’s potential for solar. We’ll send you a custom design for you to review.

Installation by true professionals, with decades of roofing and solar experience, ensures your system is built right and your roof is protected. Coupled with our state of the art battery storage solutions and our smartphone app to measure usage and storage, you’re going to know exactly how much you’re saving.

Did you know that the payback period on investing is solar is short? In many cases, the return on your investment can be over 20%! You can achieve this in less than or around 6 years as well! We’re here for you for the long term. Questions? We’re just a phone call away.


First we evaluate if solar makes sense for your property, energy usage, and energy goals. We won't sell you a system you don't need. But chances are, if you live in Florida, solar is likely a no-brainer investment.


Next we draft a comprehensive proposal for your to review key factors like financing, cost, permitting, return on investment, electricity savings, and more. We walk you through every step of the way.

Design & Install

Next our solar engineers draft a custom design for your property for you to review. Everything from panel size, orientation, racking...etc. Once this is approved, we begin with our state of the art installation and data monitoring so you can see how much energy you're generating and saving, all from your smart phone.

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Battery Storage

Mimeos owner Matt Moses walks us through why adding batteries to your solar energy system takes your solar savings to a whole new level.

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About Mimeos Energy Florida

Mimeos Energy is a Florida solar company providing the Sunshine State professional residential solar installation & design. Our network of energy professionals provide a wide range of solar solutions including solar panel installation, financing, consulting, energy storage and more. We are a proven energy partner with 20-years of experience and 220+ megawatts of successful projects. Mimeos Energy prioritizes customer service, presenting customers with the best options available to them. We pride ourselves on transparency and education giving our customers access to financing and expanded energy services like offsite solar and battery storage. Our goal is to maximize the value of our customers’ solar investments over time.

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We aren’t here to sell you anything. Our job is educate you if solar is right for you!

We love living in Florida. Headquartered in Miami, with remote office in West Palm Beach, Fort Myers, and Naples, we serve the greater Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, Broward, Lee, and Collier counties.

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